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Products Recommended

  • Founded in 2010, Guangdong Xuxuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design and production of LED outdoor lighting fixtures. It provides services such as custom lighting, production and supply, installation node design optimization, etc. corporate philosophy.
    As an emerging force in the lighting industry, Asahi Kuan Lighting has rapidly emerged and the quality of its products is the key. As a professional outdoor lighting LED lamp manufacturer, the company's products cover the LED wall washer series, flood light series, line light series, point light source series, buried light series, phantom light series and other products, and the products are stable in operation. , durable, easy installation and maintenance, etc., well received by customers in project application.
    With quality and customer supremacy, the company unwaveringly builds a corporate team that is honest, pragmatic, innovative, and pursuing excellence. Contributing its own strength to the development of the lighting industry is an unswerving pursuit of everyone in the Asahi.
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  • +86-0750-3761730
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